Name: Rav
Subject: Testimonials

Message: First of all Id like to say a big thank you to Andy, for his support with my driving lessons. After being with a previous instructor, I ended up wasting a lot of time and money on lessons that I did not need. However after a mate of mine recommended Andy to me I booked my test within a matter of weeks and passed first time with only two minor faults. This comes down to Andy as he is a brilliant instructor, when learning to drive with Andy, there is no messing around and the quality of tuition is very high. I'd like to recommend anyone who is looking for a new Driving Instructor, (whether it be, to touch up on your skills or to learn from scratch) to learn from and use the expertise of Andy, who is anything but your typical Driving Instructor. In my opinion he has a very mature, responsible, yet has a laid back approach to teaching. He is a genuinely nice guy with a reputation of being very, very reliable. This is someone who will literally bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. Thanks again Andy :) Rav Khaira